Lost Polonia Film “Channel 13” Set to Debut on Blu-Ray, DVD & VHS Sunday Night



Artwork by Devon Whitehead

The Polonia Brother’s lost movie, “Channel 13”, literally lost and forgotten among Mark’s masters, is set for a first ever debut from SRS Cinema this Sunday night at 7pm EST.

“Channel 13 is a horror anthology film harken back to the mid 70’s and 80’s, inspired by Amicus productions and Creepshow. This Polonia Bros. film was shot in 1987 and was never finished, lost for nearly 30 years. Painstakingly reconstructed from the original elements, it is available now in all it’s SOV glory. Witness 3 tales, told by a hooded monk on the titular Channel 13. A video game geek returns from some arcade fun to watch movies on tv and can only get reception on 13. He views tales of decadence and horror, containing killer scarecrows, monster birds, and cannibal spaghetti farm owners! This slice of SOV history has to be seen to be believed. Watch if you dare!”

Recently, Mark came across the footage while searching thru old masters, quickly edited what he had and shot a wraparound to finish the picture up. What stands is a prime example of either Polonia Brother’s work, shot in a period around “Splatter Farm” – gore, craziness, humor, all the staples you expect from this brother filmmaking team in the early days of shot on video!

This release is mastered from the original analog raw footage.

It is limited to 225 Blu-Rays (BD-R). GET THE BLU HERE ONCE AVAILABLE


It is limited to 25 VHS. GET THE VHS HERE ONCE AVAILABLE (Sold Out)

Allow 3-4 weeks to ship.




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Polonia Brother’s Double Feature “Lethal Nightmare/Hallucinations” Goes LIVE on Blu-Ray Sunday Night!


LETHALNIGHTMAREHALLUCINATIONSBLUThis Sunday night, the Polonia Brothers hit Blu-ray in another limited edition release from SRS Cinema!

Back in 1986, Mark and John, just teenagers, embraced VHS to make one of their very first features, “Hallucinations”. They co-directed and co-starred in the movie along with Todd Michael Smith, and immediately displayed talent for assembling spooky stories that didn’t shy away from gore – something their legions of fans have come to love about their work. In 1991, they were enlisted to remake this trippy horror story but now on Super-8mm and under the new title “Lethal Nightmare”. Tho very similar movies, the Polonia Brother team (once again co-directing and co-starring with Smith) showed some real growth in crafting a horror tale. Unfortunately, the distributor went belly up before it was released, and both movies remained basically lost until Sub Rosa Sudios released them on VHS over the last 2 years. Those VHS releases both sold out in near record time, and demand to see them has only increased since.

Now SRS is bring them back as one double feature and on Blu-Ray for the first time. The release is limited to JUST 200 copies (BD-R’s), so you will want to be there early – or end up paying 2 or 3x more on Ebay later. Here’s the synopsis: “2 nearly lost early works from The Polonia Brothers! “Lethal Nightmare” – super-8 remake of their early SOV project entitled “Hallucinations”, This film is an exploitation journey through the mind, on route to a lesson in the macabre. Horror has many forms, many shapes, and many hiding places. As three brothers of different backgrounds, of different frames of mind grow apart, their fears grow rabid and real! Will the terror ever, ever stop?! Produced in 1991. “Hallucinations” – same plot, but when they Brother’s were younger, produced in 1986 and among their earliest work ever! 2 Features, both are upscaled to HD from the original VHS elements (Lethal Nightmare film is lost, using orig. transfers to VHS, and the audio has dropouts in it, but given it’s the original track with John on it, Mark wanted to preserve it as is), plus commentary tracks.”



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“Scream Machine” Tunes in some VHS Action This Sunday Night



Scarlet Fry is back with another anthology, this time in the form of “Scream Machine”!  The new release, limited to just 25 units, will include the VHS, a DVD-R of the full movie (the regular DVD release won’t be available until Fall) and a mini-poster.  Here’s the synopsis:

After the Ebola outbreak wipes out the Earth’s entire population, Dr. Fry & Dr. Headly Graves bring you “Scream Machine”, the only form of entertainment left on Earth. As a gift to Dr Fry from his long lost friend Lloyd Kaufman comes 5 twisted tales: “Sledgehammer”, “Cannibal Pen Pals”, “April Fool’s Party”, “Septic Shock” & “The Deadly Indie Drive-in”. Each tales features the three M’s of Horror -” Madness”, “Murder” & “Mayhem”. “Scream Machine” is guaranteed to make you faint, puke & quite possibly soil your pants!

Get it HERE once live!


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Tim Ritter’s “Killing Spree” Gets First Ever “Remastered Director’s Cut” Release!

Once live, get your copies HERE:

BLU-RAY release HERE

VHS releases HERE (SOLD OUT)



Art by Devon Whitehead

Tim Ritter’s “Killing Spree” is set to hit Blu-Ray for the first time ever this Sunday night from SRS Cinema/Sub Rosa Studios. This time tho, there’s a twist… this will be an all new remastered version from Tim’s original rough cut of the movie.

Alittle to much off the topBack in 1986-ish, Tim delivered a VHS rough cut of his movie to his editor, Robert Williams. Only Robert ended up making some major alterations to that blueprint – rearranging scenes, breaking scenes up, omitting shots or moments (one, for example, was a major key moment that further explains the return of the “certain” characters near the end of the movie), changing the flow of the movie Tim scripted and shot. The end result was still an entertaining, fun-filled, gore-packed, comedy/horror movie, but overall it wasn’t the movie Tim intended. All these years since, through numerous VHS releases and 2 DVD releases, fans have only seen this editor’s version… but not any more.

killingspree001A couple years back, Sub Rosa released a VHS of that original rough cut Tim made… but as the title implies, it was rough – no music, rough edits, glitched edits, missing audio, etc. It was meant as a completest item for diehard fans of the movie – “see the version Tim intended”. But now the folks at SRS Cinema have gone back to the original raw footage betacam tapes and are in the process of mastering the movie like it’s never been seen before. The first polished cut is done and will soon be seen by Tim for notes. All the dialogue and music (which includes tracks never before heard) are being transferred. And the movie, which is pretty blotchy in parts due to low end film stock and below average transfer means, is being cleaned up as much as possible (unfortunately the original film stock is long gone, but we are working from the best materials possible, ie the Betacam tapes the film was transferred to). And all the footage is being upscaled to HD. All in all, we hope to deliver the sharpest looking feature possible!

Give Us A kissSRS Cinema will present the movie on Blu-ray for the first time. The plan is for a dual Blu-Ray/DVD release, and tentatively the blu-ray disc will include: 1) The all-new Director’s cut; 2) The original release cut; 3) Never before seen bloopers; 4) All-new commentary from Tim Ritter (and maybe others); and 5) Blinded by the Blood, a doc about the making of “Killing Spree”. There may even be more. The DVD will include as many of these things that we can fit on there as well – but no promises on anything beyond the new cut of the movie tho. There will only be 666 pressed copies released (in honor of the address of the main location house in the movie, “666 Peerless Lane”), EVER, and once they are gone expect them to skyrocket in value. You’ll want to get them as SOON as they come out! A lot of people missed out on Tim’s “Day of the Reaper” and are paying twice the original retail price (or more) to grab one now – WHEN/IF they come up for sale.


There will also be two VHS release of the movie under the Sub Rosa banner, one will be the all new cut, the other will be the original cut. These will be limited to 30 units each as well…. again, EVER. This is the last time they will be made available on this format.

Repair Zombie

All versions go up for pre-sales this Sunday night, 4/12, at 7pm EST. Please note: it will take 5-6 weeks before they ship. We are starting pre-sales early to help pay for some of the costs in remastering the movie and we will wrap it up as soon as possible – may end up taking just a few weeks. But again, for safety’s sake, figure 5-6 weeks before we have our copies back from replication. Please be patient as well prep the best possible release for you.

Courtney poseOnce live, get your copies HERE:

BLU-RAY release HERE

VHS releases HERE (SOLD OUT)


Screwdrive your HeadAnd thanks, as always, for the amazing support of SRS and Sub Rosa. Without you all we couldn’t have done anything remotely like this, and it’s been our pleasure bringing this cult classic back to life!


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“All Hell Breaks Loose” Unleashed on VHS this Sunday Night from Sub Rosa

3/31/15, Syracuse, NY


Jeremy Garner’s ode to 70’s Exploitation Biker Flicks, “All Hell Breaks Loose” is set for it’s first release to the public in the proper form of VHS this Sunday night, 7pm EST (4/5/15) from Sub Rosa Video.

“All Hell Breaks Loose is the story of love, leather, and violence. When the Satan’s Sinners, a vicious motorcycle gang from hell, kidnaps one man’s bride, they bite off more than they can chew. Now the man is out to save his wife, any way he can… even if it means dying over and over again. With the help of a shit-kicking sheriff, a perverted priest, and a cowboy who just might be God, all hell is bound to break loose. ”

The special edition VHS is limited to JUST 30 copies, GET IT HERE once live and while supplies last!

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Sub Rosa / SRS Cinema Set to Release Lost Polonia Brother’s Film “Channel 13”



Sub Rosa Studios / SRS Cinema LLC is proud to be handling another lost Polonia Brother’s film, “Channel 13”. How lost is this movie you ask? Well so lost that Mark Polonia had completely forgotten about it’s existence until he came across the raw tapes while going through storage. Here’s what Mark had to say about the discovery:

“Yesterday, I was cleaning up my storage area, which includes a bunch of SVHS and mini-dv tapes and such, basically most of my overflow raw footage and master tapes. Anyway, there’s an oldish bag tucked in a box and I open it, and by God, I discovered a bunch of raw footage for a VHS feature we started after CHURCH OF THE DAMNED, but BEFORE Splatter Farm!!!!!!! I completely, absolutely forgot about it because of the time frame………….it was an anthology of sorts about a kid watching tv and he can only get a channel numbered 13, so he watches these short stories. I have been going through the raw footage and it all appears to be in fairly decent condition. The interesting thing I discovered is a video version expanding/re-creating HALLOWEEN NIGHT, called All Hallows Eve. Some of it is damn impressive and better than HALLUCINATIONS and SF!!!!!!! I’m gonna plow through more of it today and see how much is there. I believe the other story might be an early variation on HELLSPAWN, and another is a rip-off off Motel Hell called SLAUGHTERHOUSE………the project was labeled on the tapes as CHANNEL 13!!!!! This could be the mother of all lost Polonia Bros films!!!!!!!!!!”


Needless to say he was excited. Mark followed that email with this equally enthusiastic update:

“Great! I was impressed with what I saw of All Hallows Eve. Dolly shots, creative lighting, decent gore. We didn’t shoot features in 5 days back then and it shows!!!!! Spent more time working out camera moves. A few things I can’t even believe we attempted!!!!!!! I’ll keep you posted!!!!!!!!”

channel13-004And then:

“I’m still amazed at the find, and honestly don’t remember much about it!!!!!!!!!! We must have started it sometime between CHURCH and HALLUCINATIONS, because we made SF right after Hallucinations.”

It’s pretty amazing when you’ve made so many movies that you actually forget one exists!

After a few days of capturing the footage, Mark noted this to us:

“I believe CHANNEL 13 will be a treat for all fans. I have located the CLAWS OF TERROR segment footage so that gives us 3 segments: ALL HALLOWS EVE; CLAWS OF TERROR; SLAUGHTERHOUSE.” Note: “Claws of Terror” includes some stop-motion monster bird footage. The entire anthology is now cut, and clocks in at 74 mins, which includes a wraparound segment.


We will be setting a release date soon, likely April. The release will tentatively include a 225 unit, Blu-ray edition, 100 unit DVD edition, and a 25 unit VHS edition.

Stay tuned for more info on this exciting release!


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Tina Krause’s Directorial Effort Returns from “Limbo” for VHS Release



Tina Krause’s rarely seen but intriguing directorial effort “Limbo” returns to VHS this Sunday night from Sub Rosa Studios.

Catherine is a woman haunted by dark and disturbing images. She travels through the waking world, but sees things others do not. At first it would seem that her sanity is in question, but is it? Or is this something far worse than mental illness? Catherine is caught between this world and the next, Heaven and Hell. She is in her own purgatory where reality and dark visions meld into one.


Quote from the B-Movie Man: Krause uses simple special effects and creative camera work to masterfully create the dark world that Catherine journeys through. Many of Krause’s visuals, which at first appear provocative and erotic (such as a nude woman outlined in a doorway), reveal themselves to be much more sinister and macabre (the same woman then having her abdomen ripped open by disembodied hands). This creates an atmosphere of confusion that allows the viewer to understand Catherine’s own bewilderment as she struggles to understand the world around her. Krause also uses the film’s soundtrack to effectively enhance the surrealist feeling of the film. The combination of intense sight and sound created by Limbo makes it an intense experience to watch.

Limbo008The new release comes in a clam shell version only complete with DVD-R and poster of James Reilly’s awesome artwork. It goes LIVE for presales Sunday night, March 1st, at 7pm EST. Grab it HERE once available.


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Massage Parlor of Death Set for a Happy Beginning this Sunday on VHS & Blu

1/13/15 – Syracuse, NY

massageparlorRichard Mogg’s “Massage Parlor of Death” finally arrives on VHS & Blu-Ray this weekend from Sub Rosa / SRS Cinema. The movie, though shot on HD, was given an authentic look that you would swear looks like the movie was shot on analog video. It harkens back to the heyday of SOV of the 90’s, so if you’re a fan of those movies then you’ll love this one!

massage001“Ruby, an unlicensed massage therapist, has a nasty habit of killing her clients in the most horrific ways. Using the blood of her victims, Ruby attempts to resurrect the deranged spirit of her long-dead lover. But will her newly-hired hooker “employee” throw a wrench (or more) into the mix? You’ll have to find out in “MASSAGE PARLOR OF DEATH”… where there are NO HAPPY ENDINGS!”

massage005The VHS comes in a clam shell edition only in a disney style clam shell. Blu-Ray will have extras features on it TBA.

Allow 4-6 Weeks for delivery. The movie goes LIVE 1/18/15 7pm EST.

Get the VHS, limited to 30 units only ever, HERE. (SOLD OUT)

Get the Blu-Ray, limited to 100 units only ever, HERE. (SOLD OUT)

Come February you can get the DVD from MVD HERE.

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“Day of the Reaper” Returns for Revenge on VHS, DVD & Blu-Ray

11/26/14 – Syracuse, NY


Artwork by Devon Whitehead

Tim Ritter’s first horror film, the super-8mm slasher, returns to VHS this Sunday night in a limited edition release.  This time around tho, and for the first time ever, the movie has been given a proper transfer from the original film reels. And besides the usual Clam Shell / Big Box / Deluxe version VHS releases, there will also be DVD and Blu-Ray options for the first time ever.  All releases are limited, and this will be the last time the movie will be made available on any of these formats.

“Five women on vacation are stalked by a hooded cannibal killer in the town of Sunnyville Florida.”

The VHS release is limited to 50 units split up over the three versions. The DVD and Blu-Ray each will be limited to 100 units.  Once gone, they are gone for good, so lock yours down now!

There will also be a Lego White Reaper character option, which comes with the Deluxe VHS release but can be added on to the Clam shell, Big Box, VHS or Blu-Ray releases for just $10 more.

image1“Day of the Reaper” remastered goes LIVE this Sunday night at 7pm EST.

  • Get the VHS and Lego figure HERE. (SOLD OUT)
  • Get the DVD HERE. (SOLD OUT)
  • Get the Blu-Ray HERE. (SOLD OUT)
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Epic Holiday Sale at Sub Rosa Studios!

11/26/14 – Syracuse, NY

ipoygdvdCheck it out – Sub Rosa/SRS is having a huge sale on old inventory thru the holiday season!  What says love more than b-movies?  Many DVD’s from our library are currently priced as low as $1, and nearly 100 titles are already up for sale.  AND watch for some VHS to be added soon as well.  Swing on by the sale now thru 12/21 at http://srscinema.com/home/?page_id=178&catid=16, while supplies last!


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