Missed out on Some Rare SRS Releases? Here’s your Second Chance with our Holiday Sale!

11/24/15 – Syracuse, NY

SRS Cinema, a leading distributor of underground movies, has become known over the years for offering some amazing sales around the end of year holidays… and this year is no different! Starting Weds 11/25 thru Dec 15th, SRS is offering up copies of some of their most popular sold out and ultra rare movies.

Nearly 40 titles will be up for sale over the next few weeks, including several of Sub Rosa’s new era VHS titles… most titles only have 1-2 copies available, from personal stock we saved to produce we set aside for conventions, we are clearing them out. Awesome movies like H.G. Lewis’ “Blood Feast”, or “The Deadly Spawn” from Ted A. Bohus, both in amazing big box reproductions – the best the new VHS market has seen! Movies only available ever on VHS, like “Midnight 2 Rough Cut”, or SOV gems like “Ravage” and “Meat Market 1 & 2”. We’ve also come across some stock on a few of our old DVD releases – this is old, new stock – titles that are fetching some crazy prices on the collector market, like “House That Screamed” and it’s sequel, the double feature release of “Feeders 1 & 2”, “Scream Dream”, “Alien vs Redneck” 2 disc set and more. Seriously, look on Ebay or Amazon, some of these titles people are asking nearly $100 for new or used copies… we have many of them starting @ just $9.99!

You can check out the awesome selection now, and get ready for it to go live Weds morning, at http://srscinema.com/home/?page_id=178&catid=18 (SALE HAS ENDED, Check the catalog for new and old listings.

avr knightmare-dvd-cover SCREAMDREAM

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