Gorotica and Gore Whore Finally Hit Blu-Ray and New Era VHS



Artwork by Devon Whitehead

Hugh Gallagher’s notorious gore flicks, “Gorotica” and “Gore Whore”, finally arrive on Blu-Ray and New Era VHS this Sunday from SRS. We’re especially proud to be representing these high in demand movies (VHS copies of the movies routinely fetch well over $100, $150 on Ebay) as they are among our favorites ever made in the Shot-On-Video Era.

Gorotica – “Neil (Dingo Jones) and Max (Bushrude Gutterman) are jewel thieves working for the enigmatic Miss Miles (Dolores Jackson). After their latest job goes wrong, Max swallows a large diamond, the main piece from the job, so they won’t be caught with the evidence. Unfortunately, he ends up getting shot and killed by a police officer soon after, leaving Neil with a rather sticky situation– how to retrieve the diamond? Meanwhile, he’s run into necrophiliac Carrie (Ghetty Chasun), who takes an immediate shine to Max, and promises to help Neil dispose of the body. Problem is, Carrie wants it fresh, and Neil needs to get inside. What to do?”


Artwork by Devon Whitehead

Gore Whore – “When a lab assistant steals an important formula and all its documentation from Dr. Whitman, he hires a bottom-of-the-barrel private eye, Chase Barr, to locate it. When Barr digs deeper into the case he finds the lab assistant is actually a dead street whore and the “formula” is a reanimation agent that, with the consumption of human blood, is keeping her alive! In trying to retrieve the formula, Chase is given a rollercoaster ride through hell as the whore reanimates corpses to attack him and help her hold onto the formula.”

Both releases will be limited. The Blu-Ray will be available for one month only (ORDER BY 9/27 AND RECEIVED A SPECIAL “FIRST WEEK” BONUS SIGNED PIC!), then removed from the market forever (we will round the numbers to next 50, ie 100, 150, 200, but once those are gone the movie is gone). So pre-sales (titles are expected to ship late Oct) will determine the final count on these movies. VHS will be limited to just 150 copies.

Extras are still to be determined but will include new commentary tracks from Hugh.

Copies go on pre-sales this Sunday night, 9/20, at 7pm EST.

Grab the VHS copies here once available – SORRY THE VHS ARE SOLD OUT

Grab the Blu-Ray copies here once available – SORRY THE BLU-RAYS ARE SOLD OUT



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