Polonia Mania Continues with “Saurians” Big Box Release Today!

10/10/2013 – Syracuse, NY


Sub Rosa presents its latest, and last for awhile. Polonia Brothers release “Saurians” on VHS/DVD today in big box form.  What makes this release a bit more exciting is SRS has come across some new “old” stock of the original release that will be offered in packs with the new edition.  There will be 3 different releases of the new edition of this cult classic.

The regular release, limited to 45 copies at $40, includes the VHS & DVD-R, mini lobby card and 11×17 poster. The deluxe release, limited to 10 copies at $60, includes all that but the mini-lobby card expands to a set of 2 or more cards, plus it includes a clam shell inside the big box with alternative artwork.  The ultra release, limited to just 5 copies at $75, includes all of the deluxe release plus a copy of the original release!

A scattered few copies of the original release are available separately as supplies last at $35 each.

You can get them here once live, 7pm EST tonight.


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