Mark Polonia’s Brand New Movie “Chainsaw Killer” Debuts Today!

10/1/13 – Syracuse, NY


Artwork by James Reilly

Sub Rosa Studios is proud to announce the release of their first feature made directly for the new era VHS market, and it’s from cult filmmaker Mark Polonia nonetheless!  “Chainsaw Killer” debuts today at 7pm in big box form and limited to just 100 units.  This is the ONLY way to see Mark’s latest work any time soon.

The big box, which marks a return to the off set printing we did on our first 6 big box releases (“The Regenerated Man” and “She Devils on Wheels” were both printed digitally), will come in 2 forms:  The Regular edition will feature the things you usually expect from Sub Rosa – colored VHS, VHS plastic tray, DVD-R, 11×17 poster (designed by the movie’s star, Steve Diasparra) and a mini Lobby card.  This will be limited to 80 units.  Then there will be a deluxe edition, which features all of the above plus alternative colored VHS stock, a clam shell case insert, alternative art inside the clam shell (hey, display both!), a lobby card set (2 or more lobby cards) and a T-Shirt Iron On.  The regular edition retails for $40, the deluxe edition $60.


11×17 poster by Steve

We’ve decided to return to the off set printing.  The digital printing worked for some covers (like “The Regenerated Man” and “She Devils on Wheels”), but not all (ie “Church of the Damned”, which is reprinting as off set now), and we liked the consistency and higher resolution of the off set printing.  But it comes at an extra cost, and with higher minimum numbers.  Most of our releases are limited to 50 units… well we have to run a minimum of 100 covers per title for offset, so that means a good 50 sleeves per release may be going unused.  We’re trying to combat these higher cost and have some fun at the same time – so look for more deluxe editions with each release going forward.  We’re also going to try and up the limited releases from 50 to 60, where the filmmakers will work with us that is.  The plan is, hopefully, to do 50 regular editions with each release, and 10 deluxe editions.

Going back to off set printing assures us here that these covers will continue to be the best of the new era releases, and continue to build on Sub Rosa’s VHS legacy.  Look for “Chainsaw Killer” here at 7pm EST tonight, at the bottom of page 2 in the VHS/DVD section of our catalog.



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