Sub Rosa Studios Big Boxes Launch Today!

5/31/13 – Syracuse, NY


Sub Rosa Studios LLC today launched their first of a line of “Big Box” VHS releases to go along with their current batch of “Clam Shell” releases.  The line starts with their very own production “The Vicious Sweet”, directed by Ron Bonk and starring Sasha Graham in her best role ever.


New big boxes hit again on June 10th, 11am EST with Tim Ritter’s cult classic “Creep”, starring Kathy Willets and Joel D. Wynkoop.


Then Sub Rosa wraps up their first month of big boxes on June 20th, 11am EST with H.G. Lewis all time classic “Blood Feast”, the very first gore movie!


In July, Sub Rosa continues with Ted A Bohus’ fan favorite “The Deadly Spawn”.  Very excited about this one as well, one of our all-time favorite movies ever!  It debuts July 20th at 11am EST.

All cover art for the these 4 titles was created by popular comic book artist Tim Tyler, and final cover layout and design was by our long time graphics man Jim Reilly.

Also in July, watch for 2 more clam shell releases, Eric Stanze’s “Ratline” and legendary filmmaker John Russo’s “Midnight”.

More titles hit in August, so stay tuned for the fun!

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