Sub Rosa Signs More Movies, adding John Russo, George Romero, Eric Stanze & More to the Mix!

4/1/2013 – Syracuse, NY

Sub Rosa is proud to announce we have signed more titles for limited VHS and VHS/DVD releases.


First up, we have 4 titles from legendary producer/director John Russo.  First up, we have “The Affair” (aka “There’s Always Vanilla”), directed by George Romero, presented for the first time ever in this producer’s cut version.  Then we have “Midnight”, Russo’s cult hit, again presented in a producer’s cut rarely scene.  We follow that with two more movies from John, “One by One” (aka “The Majorettes”, foreign cut) and “Heartstopper” starring Tom Savini.  We’re honored to be handling all these great flicks from John!


Also, coming up over the next few months, we have 2 flicks from Eric Stanze.  First up, Eric’s latest flick, “Ratline”, his most accomplished movie to date.  Then we follow that up with his finest effort from the SRS Extreme library, “China White Serpentine” late this year.


Other titles coming soon include Worm Miller’s “Hey… Stop Stabbing Me!” (Worm has written a number of recent National Lampoon releases), Jason Smith’s “The Period”, David Sterling’s “Things”, and 2 event releases at our VHS FEST event, Jeff Forsyth’s “Children of the Sky” and The Polonia Brothers “Feeders: Original Cut”.  Watch for these and more this year from Sub Rosa!



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