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2/22/201 – Syracuse, NY


Hello all!  Due to increasing demand for the titles, and wanting to do some extra releases here, we’ve decided the time is right to offer up some Movie Club membership deals.  We are offering up 30 membership spots, so that means for each limited edition release we do, which has been 50 units per title so far, up to 30 may be reserved for Club Members.  The remaining 20 (or more, depending on how many club members we currently have) will be sold as we normally sell them, and usually go up for sale the 1st and 15th of every month.  If you don’t opt for the Movie club, you will want to be on our site on these release days, as our titles sell out FAST, and that’s with the full 50 units available!

We are offering two different “Tiers” of membership to accompany both the “no frills” buyer who just wants the basic release as well as the collector who wants everything we offer.  The two different Tiers of membership are:

Tier 1: Basic Membership – 6 movies
Cost: $171 USA customers; $222 (foreign customers)

Basically this is a “hold your place” in line sort of deal, and the movies will ship out to you as available. This would cover the next 6 releases, which if all goes as planned would be over the next 3 months. You would be guaranteed:

-“Killing Spree: Director’s Workprint Cut” VHS/DVD
-“Wicked Games: Snuff Remix Cut” VHS/DVD
-“Lethal Nightmare” VHS/DVD – first time ANYWHERE!
-“There’s Always Vanilla” VHS plus bonus content DVD or CD
-“Hey… Stop Stabbing Me” VHS/DVD
-“Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” VHS

This Tier does not include Lego figures, but you can opt in for the Lego figure for $10 more per release (on “Killing Spree” and “Wicked Games”) if you want, you just need to let us know within 48 hrs of the title going up for sale.

Tier 2: Premium Membership – 10 movies
Cost: $250 USA customers (a $305 value); $330 foreign customers (a $390 value)

With this Tier you get the 6 titles mentioned above, plus bonus Lego figures on 2 of them, plus 4 additional titles only available to club members. They will NOT be sold publically or separately. The titles would be as follows:

4 regular releases
-“Lethal Nightmare” VHS/DVD – first time ANYWHERE!
-“There’s Always Vanilla” VHS plus bonus content DVD or CD
-“Hey… Stop Stabbing Me” VHS/DVD
-“Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers” VHS

2 Lego edition releases
-“Killing Spree: Director’s Workprint Cut” VHS/DVD w/ Lego Asbetos Felt
-“Wicked Games: Snuff Remix Cut” VHS/DVD w/TBD Lego figure

PLUS 3 club members only releases
-These would be packed in a clam shell and may or may not include a DVD depending on the release (no extra charge if it does, and we will try with all). They will be packaged in a basic generic club sleeve featuring artwork designed by Tim Tyler (who’s done many of our VHS releases) with additional art printed on it, so each title’s cover will be unique. The titles planned for the first 3 months (1 per month) are:
-“Peek-A-Boo… The I Strangle You!”
-“Blinded By The Blood 1: the Making of Truth or Dare”
-“Dark Descent”

PLUS there will also be 1 club member only special release – it will be made available at some point during the 3 month period. It will be packaged specially, something 90’s low budget-esque, like a printed art wrap glued to a white box, or old clam shell, etc.  We plan to make these up in the spirit of many of the worse of the worse packaged screeners or releases w would get. The first title will be announced once our agreement with the filmmaker is finalized, and if it comes through this first “special” edition club release will be comprised of 2 shorts, but each one rivals “Manos: The Hands of Fate” in pure hilarity enjoyment. They are rough, bad sound, hand held, poor production values, with stories and acting WAY out there, but completely hilarious and, as you will see, made by a guy with a big heart and a lot of passion for film.

All titles we release are fully licensed, legally released copies. Again, club membership releases will be made available to Premium Club Members ONLY. That means if we have 5 Premium Club members, only 5 of each the club member VHS titles will ever be released in that form. If there’s 30 PCM’s, then 30 will only ever be released – they will only be made available during that initial 3 month club membership sign up. New memberships will only be offered every 3 mos (we are taking signs up now through March 1st, unless they run out sooner). At the end of 3 months, or 6 releases, current members will have first chance at re-newing before their spot is offered up. Again, only 30 spots will be offered.  And with JUST 50 copies of each release, many of which are well established, high demand but rare cult hits, buying the Sub Rosa titles is definitely a good investment for you collector’s out there!

If you are interested in taking advantage of our club membership, please swing on by our Sub Rosa Store and get your spot reserved.  (Update: Since this deal was offered up to existing customers first, we are already down to 8 spots).


All the great support for the Sub Rosa releases has been greatly appreciated by the filmmakers and myself. Thank you for the great business, and look forward to many more exciting releases this year!

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