Contest Time @ Our Facebook Page – ENTER NOW & Win Free Junk…

2/14/2013 – Cyberspace, NY

First, Happy Valentine’s Day all! Second, getting right to business, we currently have 2 contest running over at our SRS page. “Like” our FACEBOOK page and enter to win free goodies!

Contest #1 ends today, one day only – WIN A RANDOM VALENTINE’S DAY GIFT PACK FROM SRS!
In honor of Valentine’s Day, tell us which Salt City, Sub Rosa or SRS release you love the most and why and my favorite answer will get a special valentine from me personally, tonight, after you’re asleep… oh wow, sorry, did that sound creepy? Anyway, for example, I would say “Clay – because I made it and I’m the best.” You might say “Clay – cause you made it and you’re the best”. Or you might say, doubtful, but might say “Scrapbook – because Clara and Leonard’s relationship was still healthier than any one I ever had.” So post below, keep this thread going, and after midnight PST I’ll pick my favorite and send you goodies, special goodies, very sweet goodies that will melt… oops, sorry, doing it again. Send away…

The VHS market in the 90’s, thanks to so many direct to video releases and overnight start up distributors, had some of the worst, yet most memorable artwork ever created. With that in mind, we want YOU to create some BAD artwork… not just bad, but inspired bad. It can be just truly inept, like made from bad sketches; or it can be clueless, like pictures poorly arranged/cropped or made from piss poor pics or framegrabs; or it can be incredibly misleading, like artwork that promises “Avatar” sized production values in a backyard SOV flick. Or it can be something else, but again we are looking for something more than just bad art, but inspired bad art, like the “Manos: Hands of Fate” of bad art. The art can be of the following “Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness”, “Wicked Games” or the “Truth or Dare” series as a whole… only these topics will be considered. If you want to make bad art for another movie, we will certainly look at it and post it for all to enjoy, but it won’t be considered for this contest. Now why would you do all this work? Well, for one, the winner, as picked by Tim and myself, will get a free copy of the “Wicked Games: Snuff Remix Edition” VHS/DVD (pre-order approx April 1st), plus we will print a mini poster for your work to be included in all copies sold of this movie. Submission deadline is Feb 17th, 2013, and all entries should be emailed to me on Facebook and then I will post afterward. Please don’t post direct to the page as we want to be able to keep track of all the entries, should there be millions…

Again, you have to enter in the contest thread for the VDay contest or just send your your image to us via Facebook email for the art contest. Thanks to all for entering!

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